“Chervona zirka”: anti-recessionary half year

jurnalictyjurnalictyThe leader of domestic machinery construction JSC "Chervona zirka" has successfully overcome the next crisis wave. Comparing with the first half year of last year after six months of 2010 "Chervona zirka" has increased the sales of agricultural machines almost twice.

jurnalictyjurnalictyGeneral director of "Chervona zirka" Sergey Kalapa reported about this at the meeting with journalists. The sales have been increased in three times at the domestic market and twice in Russia.

An enterprise continues investing to modernization and in comparative with jurnalictyjurnalictythe first half year of 2009 investments have considerably risen from 2.5 up to 16.1 mln.grn. It is going on at the same time with rising of wages: from 1471 grn in June last year to 1791 grn in June current year and to 1991 grn in July.

jurnalictyjurnalictyAs general director of "Chervona zirka" Sergey Kalapa said an enterprise is on a track of machine projecting of the world level. Such machines will be able to work with using of modern technology of tillage. The new products launched last time are "Sirius-10", two multifunctional aggregates "Alcor-6", "Alcor-10" and two planters "Vega-8" and "Vega-12".

jurnalictyjurnalicty New models of tillage machines introduced to the production are disk harrows "Pallada" and "Antares". For the last six months the products of "Chervona zirka" were presented at 7 specialized exhibitions including the exhibitions of international importance in Check Republic, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Russia (Krasnodar region), Ukraine (Kiev). By the way an enterprise is under way of certification of the product for sales in EU.

jurnalictyjurnalictyAs Sergey Kalapa said the production volume of "Chervona zirka" will be returned to pre-crisis level as soon as in 2011-2012.

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