How “Chervona zirka” opened its doors

Open DaystudentsThe factory of “Chervona Zirka” celebrates the professional holiday of “machine building day” every year. Last time before the professional holiday the company held an “open” day for all residents of Kirovograd. It should be noted that there were way who wanted to see the heart of the production of agricultural machinery were. More than 500 people among whom were veterans of the factory, school children, students, workers` families and their friends have visited this occasion.Open Daystudents

The guests were met with songs, hot tea and gifts at the control post of the factory. An excursion to the factory was the main event of the “open” day. At first the excursion groups could see the new industrial office of the factory with windows that separate the office from the factory. Such a layout facilitates to the quick and effective cooperation between the production, engineering and commercial services of the factory. Open Daystudents

The second part of the excursion was a flour of the assembly of seeders. Here the guests acquainted themselves with the stages of the machine assemblies launched by “Chervona Zirka”.

Open DaystudentsThe area of flexible manufacturing technology evoked undisguised interest from the audience. But many people saw the real robot welding. The robot welded quickly, qualitatively, and absolutely safely. All you need to do is it details and wait for it to complete the task. The laser-cutting section was also a site of great interest.


Open DaystudentsLater the visitors saw the finished-products storage area of the factory, plastic producing area and display space with the best models of agricultural machines produced by “Chervona Zirka”.The guests were also interested in a new painting line, which is unique in Ukraine and which is being installed and soon will be put into operation.

Open DaystudentsThe museum of the factory was available all day. It is located in a mansion in which the founders of the factory brothers Elvorty resided.

Concern for the staff, social responsibility, openness in front of residents of the city, what distinguishes the “Chervona Zirka” from other companies. That is why “Chervona zirka” always celebrates its professional occasion among the most of close friends – the residents of the city.

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