"Chervona zirka": opening of the new markets has begun with Poland

agro show 2010 From September, 24 till September, 27th in Polish city of Bednary scale International agricultural exhibition AGRO SHOW 2010 has taken place. Nowadays this exhibition is the largest in Poland. The quantity of its participants grows every year, and this year it has been constituted more than 600 manufacturers, to number of which for the first time “Chervona zirka” has been joined.

agro show 2010The Ukrainian company has presented at this exhibition four units of agricultural machines with already known names: planter Vesta 6 and seeder Astra SZT-3,6, cultivator Altair-4,2 and harrow Pallada 2400. These machines have proved in Ukraine as reliable and qualitative machines so their presentation to the European consumer isn't casual.

agro show 2010The visitors of an exhibition reacted to presented units lively by holding an interest in products of “Chervona zirka”. It is clear because modernized machines meet world demands being at level with foreign analogs in technical characteristics. But the main its advantage is the moderate price which is the pledge of recoupment and the reduction of costs for growing crops. This is very important in present financial time.

agro show 2010Participation in AGRO SHOW 2010 became very significant because almost all product line of “Chervona zirka” has recently been certificated in European Union`s territory in accordance with its demands. Nowadays a certificating is almost being completed so “Chervona zirka” will get an access to new trade areas.

agro show 2010 “European market entry – it is not a new market penetration but probably it is return to the previous positions because in Soviet Union time “Chervona zirka” has already been presented in the countries of Western Europe”, - chairman of board and executive director of “Trading house “Chervona zirka” Vladimir Lukiyanchuk said, - “It means that a market is ready to purchase our product”.

agro show 2010The brand of “Chervona zirka” is quite recognized between Polish farmers because 15-20 years ago they were already faced with machines of Kirovograd production and most of them remember it as reliable machines being able to work a long term.

During an exhibition quite a few people wanted to purchase the units presented at the exposition. This fact shows that “Chervona zirka” has a great perspective in EU market.

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