Defense of native country as a profession

День защитника Отечества на Червоной зиркеThe veterans of “Chervona zirka” celebrate the Day of Defender of native country.

February, 23 is a special day for the veterans of “Chervona zirka”. They get together at the native factory in order to remember the times when they were young, to sing the songs about wartimes and to communicate. Unfortunately, not all veterans could come to the meeting. In according to chairman of the board of veterans JSC “Chervona zirka” Alla Pushkarenko a few of her familiar veterans could not take part in this holiday by reason of bad feelingДень защитника Отечества на Червоной зирке and adverse weather conditions preventing to get the factory. But those who came have celebrated the holiday in appropriate manner.

День защитника Отечества на Червоной зиркеThis year the veterans of “Chervona zirka” were congratulated by: former chief of “Chervona zirka” and at present incumbent mayor of Kirovograd Alexander Sainsus, chairman of the regional board of veterans major general Vasiliy Efimenko. Pupils from Kirovograd school №3 have sung several songs devoted wartimes.

День защитника Отечества на Червоной зирке “Festive events devoted to veterans – it is a tradition for our enterprise, Alexander Sainsus says. We celebrate it independently of political and economical situation in the country and the factory. We have to know that all veterans who came to the factory February, 23 took part in a struggle for peace. Being in Japan I was surprised when I have heard that the Second World War were won owing to USA and USSR as they understand in this war were presented as a fighting partner. But it is not true. Just Soviet soldiers struggled against the fascist occupants and Soviet soldiers won the war”, - Alexander Sainsus added.

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