“Chervona zirka” qualifies Romanian specialists of agricultural machinery industry

Within the market development program of European Union the sales managers of the international Integration department of PJSC "Trading house "Chervona zirka" have qualified the sales managers and service managers of partner-company "SC Master LUX SRL" (Galac, Romania). "SC Master LUX SRL" is our new partner in Romanian market of agricultural machinery, - manager of the international Integration department of PJSC "Trading house "Chervona zirka" Vyacheslav Kivernik says. – To qualify the specialists of our partner is our direct obligation reflected in standards of our company.

At the beginning of 2011 there were 12 units of agricultural machines supplied to Romania: Vega 8 – 6 units, Vesta 6 – 6 units. So the Romanian specialists had enough time to acquaint themselves with machinery produced by "Chervona zirka". "The machines have been appreciated at its true value, Vyacheslav Kivernik says. – At first the high quality of painting which meet all the demands of European farmers (from the end of 2010 "Chervona zirka" uses automatic line of powder covering). The quality of plastic bunkers for seeds and fertilizer are in a high opinion as well.

The specialists of "Trading house "Chervona zirka" also have examined the company "SC Master LUX SRL" concerning to compliance with the standards of marketing department of "Chervona zirka" and standards of technical service center. Consequently the document confirming the willingness of specialists of "SC Master LUX SRL" to put into operation, to carry out the warranty and out-of-warranty service of the machines produced by "Chervona zirka" have been signed.

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