Future students-industrial engineers have visited "Chervona zirka"

Students of mechanical engineers Students of mechanical engineersThe choice of future profession is one of the important events of each person. Barely a few students are firmly sure in their future profession. For the rest it is still unsettled question.

Last days off the school-leavers from Kirovograd and those who especially consider themselves as engineers could familiarize themselves with place of study and potential workplace at "Chervona zirka" and "Hydrosila".

Students of mechanical engineers Students of mechanical engineersJoint open day has been begun with visit of future machine engineering college entrants. They had a possibility to get to know about requirements of entering to college and to discuss with present students. Such event is a tradition for many colleges and universities. To choose the profession is a very difficult step and before school-leavers come to college they have to decide which profession will be in demand when they graduate. Just because the visit of factory "Chervona zirka" was the next step in the scope of the excursion.

Students of mechanical engineers Students of mechanical engineersDuring an excursion the school leavers could see working conditions at the factory: the new office facilities, educational class and the library with internet access. Schoolchildren got interested in new painting line of powder covering. The steal flowers produced with laser equipment were given to them as the souvenirs. The next visit was the factory "Hydrosila" producing gear pumps and axial-piston machines. The specialists from "Chervona zirka" are sure that machine building is very perspective industry for young people.

Students of mechanical engineers Students of mechanical engineersThe enterprises have to have a close contact with educational institutions. The students must have a possibility to use their knowledges in practice. The doors are always opened for those who have a big wish to work.

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