Kirovograd school leavers consider "Chervona zirka" as a future workplace

Абитуриенты150 school leavers of 11 classes from 6 schools have visited working and office facilities of OJSC "Chervona zirka" within the scope of joint action of Kirovograd Technical University, "Hydrosila" and "Chervona zirka". It was the presentation of engineering faculty for university entrants of 2011. The main goal of this action is to show the school leavers all advantages of engineering education as well as to present machine building enterprises as the future workplaces.Абитуриенты

This event was divided into two parts: the presentation of engineering faculties of Kirovograd Technical University and visit to "Hydrosila" and "Chervona zirka". Being in University the entrants asked chancellor Абитуриенты Michael Chernovol about the conditions of entering to University. After visit of machine building enterprises school leavers were interested in work conditions, salary level and career as well. As the representative of employer organization Pavel Shtutman as the managers of enterprises were asked by future students. Абитуриенты

In according to general director of OJSC "Chervona zirka", such actions encourage the school leavers to choose the engineering profession, which is in demand in Ukraine and far abroad as well.

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