“Chervona zirka” is at exhibition AGRO-2011: the best assessment is the customers interest

Агро 2011 Агро 2011From 2nd till 5th of June XXIII International Agro-industrial fair "Agro-2011" passed in Kiev. This is one of the most large-scale and perspective action in Ukraine of agro-industrial sphere. This year more than 800 companies as from Ukraine as from far abroad have become the participants. Particularly, the products have been presented by producers from such countries as Russia, Belarus, Poland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Check Republic, Lithuania, Chine, Brazil and USA. The expositions of the companies have occupied more 50 000 m2.

Агро 2011 Агро 2011A fair has combined all spheres of agriculture: from foodstuff up to industrial equipment and farming machines.

Only expositions having various quantities of the machines attracted attention among the visitors. Such one was exposition of "Chervona zirka". This time an enterprise has presented six units of the machines: modernized Air Drill Sirius 10, planter "Vega-8", seed drill SZ-5.4, 2 two-row disk harrows of Pallada family and modular disc harrow Antares 6x4 С. All machines were recognized by farmers because most of them successfully use the products of "Chervona zirka" many years.

Агро 2011 Агро 2011A heightened interest was shown in disk harrows. Many farmers wished to purchase the products because quality and price satisfy any hard-to-please customer. More than 200 industrial and office workers of the company have visited an exhibition too. They acquaint themselves with novelties of company-partners and tendencies of farming machinery market.

Агро 2011 Агро 2011 During exhibition the negotiations have been conducted concerning to cooperation with companies from Kazakhstan, Italy, Romania. “First of all Agro-2011 for our company is a branding, - executive director of “Trading house “Chervona zirka” Vladimir Lukiyanchuk says, - because the dealer network has been already formed and the main goal is to attract ultimate consumers.

Агро 2011An exhibition “Agro-2011” 23d time has confirmed its high status. There were a lot of foreign delegations, the first parties of the country, regional officials there. The Governor of Kirovograd region Sergey Larin has visited an exhibition too. He has viewed the exposition of “Chervona zirka”, acquainted himself with products and noticed that owing to high quality and low price of the products the present visitors will certainly become the clients of company.

Information: “Agro-2011” – is annual International Agro-industrial exhibition which aims to spread the innovations in energy- and resource-saving technologies, introduction of modern, profitable technologies, farmers involving to creation and realization of government development programs of agro-industrial sectors etc.
Organizer: Ministry of Agriculture of Ukraine.

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