The students of local University defended their diplomas at the factory “Chervona zirka”

Diploma 2011 Diploma 2011 Integral part of activity of “Chervona zirka” is cooperation with core educational institutions of Kirovograd. An enterprise organizes the laboratories for the study of agricultural machine components, jointly conducts open Days, gives lectures and provides the practical use of acquired knowledge. It is not full list of activities provided by enterprise and educational institutions of the town.

Diploma 2011Diploma 2011Last week this list was enlarged with one more great event: the students of Kirovograd machine building college defended their diplomas at the factory of “Chervona zirka”. Five students could present their diploma projects to the state examination board. The board included as the teachers from college as the representatives of factories “Chervona zirka” and “Hydrosila APM”.

Presented diploma projects were directed to improve college technological basis and to provide a qualitative educational process. Restoration of pull-type broach 7А510 and producing of the existing drilling machine 2Н118 were also considered in the projects.

Diploma 2011The main goals of the projects are to ground an appropriateness of introducing in production of the instruments engineered by graduates.

The students have shown the qualitative theoretical knowledge. After project defending some students were offered a job at “Chervona zirka” in order to apply their knowledge and skills in practice.

The leader of training center “OJSC “Chervona zirka” Svetlana Kulik noted that the close relationship with educational institutions is a guaranty always to get experienced personnel. The conducting of project defending at enterprise enables to know each other better.

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