Bulgarian farmers have seen the machines of “Chervona zirka”

Добрич, БолгарияFrom August, 30th till September, 3d International specialized exhibition "Agriculture and all for it" took place in Dobrich (Bulgaria). This exhibition has already become the place of a meeting for the producers of agricultural machinery worldwide.

Добрич, БолгарияThis year 152 companies participated at the exhibition. Official dealer of OJSC "Chervona zirka" on Bulgarian market "Pryaspa-Svetozar Kirov" also participated.

Добрич, БолгарияPartner-company has presented on its stand two sowing machines of Kirovograd production: seed drill Astra SZ-3,6A-04 and planter Vega-6. Vega-6 is a new product designed for the needs of European customers, most of which cultivate the small lands and need compact and at the same time reliable, highly efficient machines.

Добрич, БолгарияWe can consider that demonstration of this planter became a premiere because the Vega has not ever been produced and shown in six-row version. It is necessary to note that premiere has passed excellent. In spite of high interest of Bulgarian farmers in duration of exhibition a customer for the planter had been found before the exhibition has been shown.

Добрич, БолгарияHowever, both presented models - seed drill and planter attracted interest of Bulgarian farmers, but it is no surprise because products of "Chervona zirka" is inferior to non in performance and at the same time the price for it is much more attractive.

Info: An exhibition "Agriculture and all for it" is being conducted 19th time. There were 152 companies around the world participated here. Among of them were producers of agricultural machinery, trading organizations and research institutions.

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