MOLDAGROTECH 2011: “Chervona zirka” has presented novelty for the Moldavian market

MOLDAGROTECH 2011 MOLDAGROTECH 2011From 19th till 22nd of October the XXI International specialized exhibition of agricultural machinery and technology Moldagrotech 2011 took place at International exhibition centre Moldexpo (Kishinev). According to its scale and commercial results Moldagrotech is an equal to the leading European fairgrounds.

"Chervona zirka" traditionally took part at this fair and presented four machines: seed drill for grain SZ-5,4-06, precision planters for tilled crops Vesta-8 and Vega-8 and cultivator for inter-row cultivation Altair 5,6-04 as well.

MOLDAGROTECH 2011 MOLDAGROTECH 2011 According to organizers the key topic of exhibition are actuality and availability of presented products. Taking into consideration the interest in products of Kirovograd enterprise among the visitors meets both these criteria. Particular interest among the visitors of exhibition was evoked by precision planter Vega-8 assigned for Mini-till. This one for the first time has been presented at the Moldavian market. Taking into consideration that advanced technology products are in demand on Moldova and the price of Ukrainian planter much less in comparison with its foreign analogs the interest shown by customers is completely understood. In addition products of "Chervona zirka" are very popular in Moldovian market for many years. Considerable sales confirm it.

MOLDAGROTECH 2011 MOLDAGROTECH 2011The specialists of PJSC "Trading House "Chervona zirka" note that the main advantage of exhibition Moldagrotech is the visitors who as a rule are farmers coming to exhibition to buy the machines. Besides this during participation the specialists of "Chervona zirka" have conducted the negotiations with companies from Moldova, Transdniestria and Romania concerning to the future cooperation.

It is very pleased to note that after exhibition Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry of Moldova Vasiliy Bumakov has awarded the Kirivograd enterprise with honor diploma for the close cooperation OJSC "Cheervona zirka" with Moldovian farmers.

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