The main autumn premiere: "Chervona zirka" presented the new precision planter Vega 8 Profi

YugAgro YugAgroThe new star, new precision planter Vega 8 Profi produced by "Chervona zirka", was born and presented at the platform of agrarian forum "UGAGRO" (Russia, Krasnodar).

The agrarians from south federal district became the first who could see the new planter Vega 8 Profi. It is because – at first, Kuban is Russian breadbasket which is known with its fertile soils and high harvests, the second, the fair "UGAGRO" is one of most important events in agrarian sphere as in Russia as in CIS countries, the third, the founders of "Chervona zirka" brothers Elvorty also presented the machines in this region so it is just continuation of tradition.

YugAgro YugAgroThe company "Chervona zirka" invited the colleagues, friends and, of course, the customers to participate in presentation. Before the presentation the new planter was covered with red cloth which carried on an intrigue and evoked an interest for attenders.

At the presentation Chief of board – general director of PJSC "Trading House "Chervona zirka" Vladimir Lukiyanchuk noted that new planter is a result of united work of whole factory. It was created by using the world experience and customer requirements. In addition, Vladimir Lukiyanchuk said that in the short run the new precision planter Vega 8 Profi will become well-known as well as seed drills produced by "Chervona zirka".

YugAgro YugAgroWhen the cloth was pulled off the planter spectators could see embodiment of elegance, simplicity and reliability – Vega 8 Profi from "Chervona zirka".

Vega 8 Profi is semi-trailed precision planter intended for single-seed sowing of graded and ungraded seeds of corn, sunflower, castor oil plant, sorghum, soya beans, and also seeds of stern beans, haricot beans, and lupine with simultaneous, separate from seeds, introducing granulated mineral fertilizers and soil pressing in rows.

YugAgro YugAgroThe uniqueness of planter is its seeding mechanism Profi designed by design-engineering department of "Chervona zirka" for the purpose to provide precise, reliable and simple work of this machine.

Except the acquaintance with a new sowing machine produced by "Chervona zirka" many surprises were expected for the guests: five lucky men have got the certificate with 10% discount for the purchasing planter Vega 8 Profi. All without exception could take part in fancy-dress show, enjoy with real tasty treats and make photos with Ukrainian girls dressed in national costumes.

YugAgro YugAgroIt should be noted that the stand "Chervona zirka" was popular among the visitors of agrarian forum "UGAGRO" as in presentation time as during all exhibition time. It is because all the machines presented by company "Chervona zirka" provoked equally high interest among Russian farmers.

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