“Chervona zirka” has congratulated the factory “Belinskselmash” with 70-year jubilee.

Белинсксельмашу 70 лет Белинсксельмашу 70 летThe factory "Belinskselmash" (Kamenka, Penza region), which together with OJSC "Chervona zirka" is included to close corporation "Elvorti Group", has congratulated its 70-year jubilee 9th of November, 2011..

The history of foundation of this factory became a thing of hard war time. It was started from august of 2011 when the echelon has arrived from Ukraine to the station called as Belinskaya (Penza region) for the industrial organization of ammunition. There were the workers of Kirovograd factory "Krasnaya zvezda" (nowadays it is "Chervona zirka) and Zaporozhye factory "Kommunar". The people and equipment had to be allocated at Kamyanka sugar mill with area of 200 hectares. "But where is the factory?" – arrived people asked, - "There is no factory now but it will be done sooner", the secretary of district committee answered. And the factory has been really built. The 9th of December 1941 the enterprise has launched the first products – mines and as regards agricultural machinery it has been already started to be produced in 1943.

Hence the factory has passed long way: from horse seeder making to producing the sowing and tillage machinery which today meet competition with another famous manufacturers and is in demand as in Russian market as far abroad. From 2004 the factory "Belinskselmash" is being an integral part of close corporation "Elvorti group" under the direction of Sergey Georgievich Kalapa.

Белинсксельмашу 70 лет Белинсксельмашу 70 летFactory "Belinskselmash" met its 70th birth day with a formal ceremony. From the morning the music ringed and the doors of the factory were open for all comers. Although it was snow and frost the Open Day has been visited by more than 350 visitors: in fact there were veterans of factory and young generation – schoolchildren and students. Last of them are already constant guests for enterprise because the young director of factory Michael Kapelushnyi, who by the way is native of Kirovograd, is sure that future of the factory lies in the hands of young specialists.

Белинсксельмашу 70 лет Белинсксельмашу 70 летBesides Open Day there were the concert assigned for all personal of the factory. During the concert many wishes and greetings were pronounced by chairman of supervisory board Pavel Shtutman, general director "Elvorti group" Sergey Kalapa, director of factory Michael Kapelushnyi, city and region leadership and the guests as well. Among the guests there were the colleagues from "Chervona zirka" and representatives of dealer-companies who successfully present the product of "Belinskselmash" in Russia.

Белинсксельмашу 70 лет Белинсксельмашу 70 летChief of board of close corporation "Elvorti group" and general director of OJSC "Chervona zirka" noted that "Belinskselmash" now is a modern enterprise producing high quality products which is in demand. It was enabled thanks to shift in attitudes to the production process, production modernization and, of course, thanks to personal. Herewith Sergey Kalapa noted that enterprise must take up many challenges in short-term perspective such as nomenclature expanding, growth of production value and expansion of trade area.

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