The museum of the factory “Chervona zirka” has got new exhibits

Музей завода Червона зирка пополнился новыми экспонатами Continuous functioning museum of the history of the factory "Chervona zirka" was replenished with two unique exhibits – the seeder "Elworthy" presumably of 1898 year of production and the group photo of the workers of the turning workshop made in 1927.

The seeder "Elworthy" was found by the workers of the museum in Poltava region where more than a century ago the representative office of the company specialized in production and sales of agricultural machinery owned by brothers Englishmen Robert and Tomas Elworthy was located. The seeder was in quite working order, although, didn't look presentably. The marking "Elworthy factory" on the side lid of the grain tank testifies that this seeder was produced before 1907 because later products of the company were already marked with "Joint-stock company of R. and T. Elworthy".

Музей завода Червона зирка пополнился новыми экспонатами Two years ago this seeder had been used for its intended purpose and the only reason why the owner gave it to the museum was that he didn't have horses at his farm but the seeder "Elworthy" is horse drawn one.

The uniqueness of this exhibit is not only in its age, the seeder "Elworthy" has unique for its time seeding device with disc opener made of polished metal and also seeding depth controller. Furthermore, this seeder is intended for seeding both grain and leguminous crops.

Disc seeder "Elworthy" that has been today renovated and is represented in the museum, is a 9-row model, one of the simplest produced at that time. It is interesting that brothers Elworthy held testing of the first disc seeder in their own family estate in Novomyrgorod region that is 40 kilometers from Elisavetgrad.

Музей завода Червона зирка пополнился новыми экспонатами Another new exhibit is the photo of the workers of the turning workshop made in 1927 that had been kept for almost 85 years in the archives of Kirovograd family with surname Pravda. The grandmother of this family – Vera Pravda, who is, unfortunately, no longer alive, had been working at "Chervona zirka" factory for long time. And many years later the family of Vera Pravda's grandson decided to give the rarity photo to the museum of the factory where Vera worked to honor her memory. Elena Pravda – the wife of Vera Pravda's grandson decided to transfer the photo to the museum with the help of journalists and exactly the editor of the online magazine "Grechka" Valerii Lebed who passed the photo to the museum funds. We are very grateful to the family Pravda and Valerii Lebed for restoring a part of the history of Kirovograd factory "Chervona zirka" and together with it the history of the whole town as their past is linked inseparably.

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