«Chervona zirka» has summarized its annual activity at exhibition «UgAgro 2012»

Итоги года на ЮГАГРО 2012 Итоги года на ЮГАГРО 2012 The largest International Agro-Industrial exhibition “UgAgro 2012”, which was finished in Krasnodar last Friday, has become the final for this year. The best machines including serials and novelties were presented at exposition.


Итоги года на ЮГАГРО 2012 Итоги года на ЮГАГРО 2012 The best part of products of “Chervona zirka” are being exported to Russian market, this is why “Chervona zirka” presented quite big numbers of units at exposition – 8 machines. Among seeding machines there were  pneumatic precision planter Vesta 8 with new two-circuit drive, pneumatic precision planter Vega 8 Profi equipped with new seeding mechanism and seed drill Astra SZ 3,6-06 with increased hopper. The segment of tillage machines was presented by two-row disc harrow Pallada 2400, two-row disc harrow Pallada 6000, four-row disc harrow Antares 3*4, and absolutely new machines such as far-reaching universal cultivator Polaris 12 and disc harrow Antares 8*4.

Итоги года на ЮГАГРО 2012 Итоги года на ЮГАГРО 2012 “We must expand our full line, because current time requires to do it” – general director of “Chervona zirka” says.    “Today the farmer has to work in conditions of a tight schedule. Today “Chervona zirka” has 50% of CIS market share, and if farmers’ needs are being changed we must change too” – he noted.

Итоги года на ЮГАГРО 2012 Итоги года на ЮГАГРО 2012 Besides the machines, the stands with the samples of spare parts for most popular machines were presented at factory’s exposition. Taking into consideration that the machines of “Chervona zirka” are in good demand in Russia, it should expect that demand for spare parts will be increasing in nearest future.

As the machines as the stands of spare parts evoked very high interest among visitors who are basically the specialists of agriculture. But without doubt the highest interest was attracted by pneumatic precision planters Vega 8 Profi and Vesta 8, because these machines are starting usually to be purchased in November-December.

Итоги года на ЮГАГРО 2012 Итоги года на ЮГАГРО 2012 During the first day of exhibition all the exhibited machines have been successfully sold. Till the end of event the representatives of the factory have got the orders for a few tens of machines, mainly there were the orders for precision planters Vesta and cultivators Polaris.

More than 12.000 visitors have visited 19th International exhibition “UgAgro”. This agro-industrial Kuban forum one more time has proved its status of the largest and most effective agrarian exhibition of Russia. Direct discussion with final customers, possibility to present own products and to see the current trends, - all these important tasks “UgAgro” has carried out in full.

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