«Chervona Zirka» held a field day in the Alexandrovskyi area of Kirovograd region

День поля Кировоград День поля КировоградOn April 30th  in the village of  Trilesy , Alexandrovskyi area of  Kirovograd region held a field day with a demonstration of equipment manufactured by "Chervona Zirka". The event was organized by Production Plant - PJSC "Chervona Zirka",  Managing Agricultural Development  of  Alexandrovsyi area and a  farm "SKRYPNIK MA." in the fields  of which was conducted showing event.

День поля Кировоград День поля КировоградThe farmers of  Alexandrovskyi's district gathered at Field Day to see the new and upgraded machines from Kirovohrad  factory. After all, each of them know well  the technique of "Chervona zirka"  - in local farms domestic producers  almost all  use "Chervona zirka"    drills . But  to see the new production not all  farmers  have had  an opportunity  yet  - Field Day came just in time.

День поля Кировоград День поля Кировоград"Chervona Zirka" presented  six pieces of equipment to  Aleksandrovskyi  farmers:  three tillage and three sowing machines. Among tillage machines  were presented two-row disk harrow Pallada 3200, four- row disc harrow ANTARES 6 * 4 C and widespread -cultivator for seedbed tillage - POLARIS 8,5.

День поля Кировоград День поля КировоградNew planter VESTA 8 PROFI with improved sowing machine for sowing seeds and grain seeder ASTRA NOVA 5.4 with the new sowing machine and the system of infinite control seed and fertilizer were presented at the static display. But planter for working with mini til technology - VEGA 8 PROFI   was submitted directly in working.

День поля Кировоград День поля КировоградIn the presence of invitees to the Field Day planting calibrated corn by planter VEGA 8 PROFI  with the new sowing machine was produced by farmers and on the fields of  "Skrypnyk".

Before sowing  the head of the farm Vitaly Skrypnyk noted   that VEGA 8 PROFI in his farm worked  for two years and he is pleased with the result, which is obtained from its using. After all, this planter produces accurate sowing of seeds, as well as their foreign counterparts but it is aggregated with tractors from 80 hp, it saves fuel consumption and costs almost three times cheaper than foreign machines.

День поля Кировоград День поля КировоградCrops produced  by planter VEGA 8 PROFI within a Field Day, were designated a special sign that everyone could  see  the results of the planter at various stages:  simultaneous germination accurate seed placement. The head of the SFH "SKRYPNIK" promised to inform the participants about the Field Day and the main result of crop - the future productivity of maize sown. Representatives of the plant "Chervona Zirka" are  confident in the good results of the planter  because the new sowing machine PROFI has already been tested and Ukrainian and Russian fields.

День поля Кировоград День поля КировоградThe deputy head of the regional state administration Alexandrovskyi's district Olga Borota  and CEO of  PJSC "Chervona Zirka"  Sergey Kalapa  were presented  at the  Day of  field    who noted that such events are very important for the development of agro Kirovohrad  region and  for  support  of domestic producers of agricultural machinery.

Field Day participants also noted that such events are very useful for them and their business development: to see the technique in the work before buying it - is very important. By- turn, representatives of the manufacturer  invited all present to visit the company to see with their own eyes the whole range of products and technologies which are used to "Chervona Zirka".

День поля Кировоград День поля Кировоград День поля Кировоград День поля Кировоград

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