"Chervona Zirka" was presented at the Bulgarian show "BATA AGRO"

Выставка БАТА АГРО 2013 Выставка БАТА АГРО 2013This year  13 to 17 of May  it was the fourth International Agricultural Exhibition "BATA AGRO 2013." in the Bulgarian city of Stara Zagora

This year the show has broken its own record  with  the number of participating companies and the number of visitors.   At the "BATA AGRO”  the company "Chervona Zirka" as  Ukrainian agricultural machinery manufacturer  was  presented  by  two companies that are authorized dealers in  the market of Bulgaria: cooperation  "Kitka" and LTD "Agro Bull”.

Выставка БАТА АГРО 2013 Выставка БАТА АГРО 2013Four pieces of equipment  of "Chervona Zirka"s  brand were  presented  at the booth of cooperation "Kitka" : planter of  VESTA 6, planter-cultivator ALTAIR 4.2 -04, disc harrow Pallada 3200 and a   grain seeder - ASTRA SW 3.6 A-03 with press wheels for which is a new one the Bulgarian market.

By turn  the company "Agro Bull" presented  5 vehicles of  production of PJSC "Chervona Zirka"  to the Bulgarian farmers , among them : drill ASTRA SW 3.6 A-03 with press wheels, Cultivator KPS 8  for continuous tillage, disc harrow Pallada 3200, disc harrow Pallada 6000  and a planter -cultivator ALTAIR 5,6-04.

Выставка БАТА АГРО 2013 Выставка БАТА АГРО 2013It is worth noting that all the presented technique of "Chervona zirka" aroused great interest of farmers in Bulgaria, but the most popular  machines  in this exhibition are a series of disc harrows and grain seeder PALLADA ASTRA SW 3.6 A-03. Last one  recently appeared on the Bulgarian market, but given the optimal set of its characteristics, it  has become a popular model. In particular,  two companies-dealers sold grain drills straight from the show representing "Chervona Zirka" to "BATA AGRO".

Выставка БАТА АГРО 2013Reference: At  the 4th International Exhibition "BATA AGRO" over 190 exhibitors were  attended.  The total exhibition area reached 41,129 square meters (65% more than in 2012). The exhibition presented their products to companies from more than 10 countries, including Turkey, Greece, Romania, Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine and Spain.

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