"Golden Field": exhibition at the turn of the seasons

Золотая нива Золотая ниваFrom 28 to 31 May 2013  the XIII International Agricultural Exhibition "Golden Field" was in Ust-Labinskiy district of Krasnodar region. As one of the largest Russian exhibitions, "Golden Field" annually gathers manufacturers and sellers of agricultural and construction equipment, crop sector and animal husbandry.

Given a field format of the exhibition, each exhibitor has the opportunity to present its wide range of products. So  this year the company "Chervona Zirka" presented two companies  to Kuban farmers  which are the largest operators of agricultural machinery in Krasnodar region market of Russia. Summary dealers presented 13 pieces of equipment manufacturing in Kirovograd plant.

Золотая нива Золотая ниваAt the booth of " UVEC " was presented four sowing machines : planter  VESTA 8 with an updated, dual-circuit drive,  a planter of  VEGA 8 Pro  for   working  on minimal technology , grain seeder ASTRA  CZ 3.6  03 with a larger hopper and modernized grain seeder ASTRA NOVA 5.4. And also  Kuban  farmers  have been shown as familiar to them  also   new units: Pallada 2400 two-row disk harrow, Pallada 6000 - two-row disk harrow, ANTARES 8 * 4 -  four-disc harrow and  POLARIS 8,5 S -  a cultivator for continuous tillage with new S-shaped stands.

The company "Soyuzpostavka" presented five pieces of equipment  of production of PJSC "Chervona Zirka". On its stand  the next machines were presented: planter VESTA 8  with dual-circuit driven,  drill ASTRA SZ 5.4, an upgraded drill ASTRA SZP 3.6 B  as well as the cultivator KPS 8 and a disc harrow Pallada 2400.

Золотая нива Золотая ниваThe greatest interest of the visitors  according to preliminary calculations of the organizers  there were over 7000 were called: Upgraded  planter VESTA 8 with dual-circuit drive, already familiar in the Kuban region  a planter  VEGA 8 Pro, a new product  - a  cultivator POLARIS 8.5 with S-shaped racks and especially  the modernized grain seeder Astra Nova 5.4. The grain and fertilizer hopper  is ncreased in 1.5 times , a new reel sowing element  made from  polymeric materials, eliminating corrosion, the use of infinite control of seeding rates and offset double disc coulter - all of these upgrades have significantly improved consumer properties of   planter  ASTRA NOVA 5.4 . At that price it is one of the most attractive of these machines.

Золотая нива Золотая ниваTraditionally it is grain machines "Chervona zirka" with the infinitely variable seeding rates, but also worth noting that in addition to the exhibitions presented by  the dealers ,  the consumers are interested in  other machinery of PJSC "Chervona Zirka" production .   In particular, Russian farmers are interested in having a modernized  inter-row cultivators - series of ALTAIR for processing  row-spacing  , which  had already a good account of themselves, as well as the new sowing complexes ALKOR 7.5 and  ORION 9.6   recently presented in Kiev at the exhibition "Agro 2013".

According to the results of both companies representing PJSC "Chervona Zirka" almost  all the samples  were sold . And experts "Chervona zirka" within the "golden fields" held talks with dealers of the South and  Center for Russian procurement  machines  for the fall season.

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