"Chervona zirka" trains personnel for "universal soldiers".

Effective work of every company, not depending on its market position, is not possible without constant personnel proficiency skills improvement. As the specialists say – personnel training influences activity results of each participant and also the whole company. JSC "Chervona Zirka" personnel training department holds systematic work on professional training, retraining, proficiency skills improvement, training plant workers and engineers on the mission-purpose courses.

Three – months training programme theoretical part is meant for 150 hours and includes: "5 principles of corporate culture explanation", "management accounts", "economical validation of a design", "merchandising" and also "company branches". Company heads and even managers by themselves hold the training courses. Philip Cotler’s theory underlies marketing lecture studies, - says General Director of JSC "Chervona Zirka", Sergey Kalapa. But even the very competent classics should be given illustrative examples. That is why the training part is supplemented by examples of the managers’ work who visited agricultural exhibitions.

Company executives are sure that efficient company activity in conditions of arising competition is impossible without work effectiveness increase on all organization levels. For this reason, training courses of JSC "Chervona Zirka" personnel helps every person, irrespective of position and experience, to adapt successfully at this time, solve the problems associated with new directions, support the necessary level of proficiency, reduce costs and thereby cheapen production.

"Mine yours – get me right"
A man away can hardly understand, why a PR-manager needs to know managing production basis? Why does a sales manager need to know the peculiarities of composing a media bomb or a PR war in the Internet? "Everything is simple and even trite, - says JSC "Sales Company Chervona Zirka" Executive Director Vladimir Lukiyanchuk. For the first, every manager must understand that the colleague says (in the Sales Company marketing and sales managing departments are in the same hall). For the second, every manager individually understands the reasons of accepting every managerial decision, even unpopular one. This is very important in the context of rapidly changing market conditions.

The most important issue: we are striving to that point, when every person in the company could substitute a colleague for a while in any force-majeure case. When a phone rings up and at the other wire side will be a potential customer – so any manager can answer it. The lost client is not only less received profit, but a small spot on company reputation. It is a long time to gain it…"

The training system, being adopted at "Chervona Zirka" is not unique. Every company that wants to survive in competitive activity is to educate the personnel "to the max". To hide innovations, moreover from the colleagues – it isn’t worth the effort. "Knowledge, skills which every one of us gets at the training courses and forums, becomes the community heritage, - says Vladimir Lykianchyk. All Company colleagues have free access to presentations and audio, video records".

It is really is, that not only information but business rules the world. The faster every manager becomes the "universal soldier": sell the seeder, write an article and introduce Kaizen, starting from his workplace, the more effective will be the whole enterprise work. "Chervona Zirka" peculiarity is anxiety for every client and satisfaction of his needs in qualitative agricultural technique.


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