"Chervona Zirka" granted the students of KNTU up-to-date laboratory.

Academic base of Kirovohrad National Technical University made a step to advancement. Henceforth, on the basis of agricultural machine building department will work a modern lab, presented to the students by a Kirovohrad manufacturing enterprise of seeding and cultivating technique “Chervona Zirka”. According to the words of Nikolau Sviren, who is the head of KNTU agricultural machine building department, such a grant is unique for Ukrainian technical institutions. “We are among the 1st who own a production lab of such a level – says Nikolau Aleksandrovich. – So, we should be an example for our colleagues – scientists from other cities. And we will become such…”

According to the words of machine building department lecturers, process of technical education quality improvement is closely connected with quality but mainly with relevance of scientific-production base. Heretofore, the majority of agricultural technique models and also its joints were so time-worn that could only be exposed in the museums. Students, using these “rarities” for studying, had to learn new techniques at the factory that of course did take a lot of time. Henceforth, quantity of re-studying hours on the factory will considerably diminish, because joints, seeding and cultivating technique in laboratory – is relevant for up-to-date agricultural production. Even, well-known statement – “forget that you were taught at high school and start learning from the very beginning”, thanks to new laboratory, it will loose its relevance.

Last year, company management of “Chervona Zirka” together with KNTU administration made a decision to create scientific-production base for further agro-mechanical builders who were studying at this higher institution. “Krasnozvezdovtsi” executed their part of the contract on “excellent”. Redecoration, mounting of intensity saving windows, counter ceiling and floor, purchase of tutorials and also the newest “M-media” cost a real packet for them. But manufacturers are sure: they invested not without a reason, as highly-professional personnel resolve all. And in agricultural machine building even more – sensu stricto, every high flier is good as gold.

“The first swallow” just opened laboratory, won’t be the last one. Next in turn – laboratory opening of hydraulic transmissions and machines under the powers of Kirovohrad “Hydrosila”. In long perspective – creating out and projecting laboratory for automatic machines, constructions and technological processes. That is why, machine builders dream is “almost real”, which is directed on new staff, involving into working process at once without being deflected from re-studying.

At the end, Chief of the Board – General Director of “Chervona Zirka” Sergey Kalapa did ensure people, who gathered around, that the laboratory would be enlarged with new technique models of factory manufacture and when there would be not enough room – it would be completed.


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