Day of a Field in Novoukrainka.

Another agroforum have taken place, recently, in Novoukrainka, Kirovograd region. "Agroresurs" company, which is one of the plant dealers, invited "Chervonozorivtsev" to show the technique at work.

Unlike All-Ukrainian Days of a Field that were held in Dnepropetrovsk and Kiev oblasts that had sufficient specialized directivity and in Kirovograd region there were no particular conditions to agricultural technique specialization.

"Chervona Zirka" demonstrated at work the model technique types that are in a great demand at Ukrainian market this year. These are disc harrows of model types Antares and Pallada, pneumatic planter Solitair 9 – the co-production seeder with German company Lemken and also a seeding complex Sirius 10 that works with no-till technology.

Recently, during agrarian forums passing through, there have arises the discussions concerning of one or other technology appropriateness. But should one argue over this matter? Today, every proposed technology on the Ukrainian market has a right to work.

Direct seeding technology, as well as minimal one, has particular advantages. But, as agrarians say, direct seeding is a future technology, minimal technology right now affords to reduce the cost value of agricultural products without continuous soil preparation and excessive chemicals usage.

In any case, each agrarian must decide by himself what kind of technology to use.

JSC "Chervona Zirka", being a manufacturer of great amounts of seeding and cultivating technique, is always ready to make a proposition to specialists of AIC of the technique which works at every technology. The main task that the competent direction of the plant sets up – agricultural manufacturer satisfaction with qualitative and inexpensive technique, according to their demands.

"Chervonozorivtsi" are not going to stop on one’s laurels. Nowadays, the plant gives development to new agricultural aggregates, which will be working on new technologies. This year, JSC "Chervona Zirka" will have a possibility to display the technique at the International exhibitions in Bulgaria and Germany. Expanding products sales area will assist to increase products manufacture and provide with new work places.


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