"Chervona Zirka" exhibits products in Alma Ata.

An agricultural exhibition took place in Karakou village on 22-24 of May. Ten manufacturers exposed their techniques and among them was JSC"Chervona Zirka".

Simple agricultural aggregates of JSC"Chervona Zirka" are in great demand among agrarians who hold not big farms. Time-proved "krasnozvezdovskie" seeding machines are simple in use and not expensive, the stand of "Chervona Zirka", by the dealers’ request, exposed the machines’ types that became of great interest.

A particular interest among the farmers of the South Kazakhstan Kazakhstan was aroused by all-crop precise spacing pneumatic seeder UPS-8 that is intended for single-seed sowing and introducing granulated mineral fertilizers in soil. The pneumatic precise spacing seed drill distributors reduce the percentage of crushing seeds in 10 times in comparison with the mechanical ones. The attention was also attracted by the novelty – Trailed Disc Harrow Pallada 4000. The disc harrow works on the grounds with great or low quantity of weed remainders; this also excludes reeling of weed remainders on disc axes and filling-in of inter disc space.

6 service centers of "Chervona Zirka" are working nowadays – that enables agrarians fully and in time to obtain necessary service support.


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