Kirovohrad enterprise "Chervona Zirka" took part in Republican meeting.

Republican meeting on organization and winter crops sowing provision of 2010 yield took place in Autonomous Republic of Crimea in the village of Klepinino, Krasnogvardeuskiy region on September 12th. The organizer of the event was Agro industrial Crimean Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences. Together with agro industrial specialists, the annual event was visited by more than 300 officials and farmers of agro enterprises.

Agro industrial forum’s program consisted of several events, among which were: visit of agrarian institute where there was studied every aspect of winter crops preparation to seeding, a set-off to institute experimental grounds and examination of background preparation peculiarities after various precursor substances of 2010 yield winter grain crops seeding.

Particular interest among agrarians aroused an exhibition of agricultural technique leading manufacturers. Kirovohrad enterprise "Chervona Zirka" presented a sowing complex "Sirius 10". During 2 work seasons, the first model unit of factory seeder "Sirius 10" scattered with seeds more than 1000 hectares on the fields of Crimean institute of Agro industrial Production. At the beginning of 2009 autumn sowing season using sowing complex "Sirius 10"on the Crimean Institute experimental fields, there was scattered with rape seeds 600 hectares for merely 8 days. After all tests that chervonozorivskuy aggregate ran through, agrarians can safely say: - sowing complex meets all European quality standards. "The aggregate handles for 24 hours up to 150 hectares", - approve those, who has already used the aggregate at work.

The executive director of Crimean Institute Vladimir Pashtetskuy was glad to have in use chervonozorivskuy complex. "In addition to that, the technique of Kirovohrad enterprise "Chervona Zirka" – comments Vladimir Stepanovich, has one more essential advantage: its price is considerably lower than the foreign analogues’ ones".

According to the words of institute specialists, the machine showed excellent results using minimal agro technologies. Fuel expenditures made up 10,14 kg/ha, temporary ones - 16 min/ha. During seeding on stubble field remains, as agrarians say, it is possible to reduce expenditures: fuel - 5,52 kg/ha and temporary ones – 6 min/ha.

Republican meeting coincided with an equally important event – 40 years village anniversary. As a present to village anniversary celebrations became a promoter’s gift of half million griven, the money will be a fund for restoration of water tower. However, it is not an only surprise for the village residents. "Chervona Zirka" presented one more sowing complex "Sirius 10" for testing to Crimean Agrarian Institute that costs half a million griven. The sowing complex will assist agrarians to cultivate with a lot higher productivity southern Crimean fields.


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