JSC "Chervona zirka" withdraws 17 seeders VEGA 8 for modernization

seeder_vega_8 seeder_vega_8In spring 2009 JSC "Chervona zirka" has produced and sold 17 seeders Vega 8 to farmers in Ukraine. This seeder carries out seeding of seeds of tilled crops (corn, sunflower) as in traditional as in minimum agricultural technologies.

seeder_vega_8 seeder_vega_8Agricultural machines were distributed to 15 farmers of Ukraine. 6500 hectares of corn and sunflower were sown by means of these machines, 1615 hectares from them were sown with application of traditional technology and 4915 hectares were sown with application of minimum technology.

seeder_vega_8 seeder_vega_8Recommendations of farmers who tested this sowing unit on the fields became the reason for modernization of construction of seeder VEGA 8. Taking into account the wishes of farmers constructors of our factory took all necessary measures regarding of modernization of sowing units. Service action will cover all units of this model launched

seeder_vega_8 seeder_vega_8 during the first half-year of 2009. In the course of repair works specialists of JSC "Chervona zirka" carried out the next changes in construction of seeder Vega 8:
- making a replacement of bearings in the most load elements of machine for protection inner bearing cavity from dust and mud;

seeder_vega_8 seeder_vega_8 - setting up additional balancer for providing of even lifting-lowering during the turn and for providing of even embedding of opener into the soil;
- new construction of section of fertilizer opener enables to adjust the distance between row sown crops and row sown fertilizer;
- improving hydraulic machine system for the purpose of time saving for lifting and lowing of seeder.

The factory has undertaken all costs for modernization of seeders VEGA 8.

Five seeders are modernized already by factory "Chervona zirka", the rest are in the course of modernization. All making changes in construction of seeder will remain by now in serially produced seeders VEGA 8.

JSC "Chervona zirka" wish all farmers successful sowing season.

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