Machines of "Chervona zirka" factory have got European certificate at the exhibition of "TECHAGRO 2010"

techagro_2010For the first time JSC "Chervona zirka" took place at the exhibition of "TECHAGRO 2010" wich is one of the large-scale international agricultural exhibitions in ,techagro_2010 Czech Republic. The action occurred at the Exhibition centre of Brno.

In this year the exhibition have been visited by about 100000 specialists including the specialists from 50 countries of the world. At the agricultural exhibition the machines produced by "Chervona zirka" factory were exhibited jointly with "Agro spectrum Belarus s.r.o" company which is business partner of Kirovograd enterprise.

techagro_2010"Chervona zirka" production was presented by four agricultural machines including grain-fertilizer seeder Astra SZ-5,4, high-clearance cultivator-fertilizer Altair 5,6-04, all-crop pneumatic planter Vesta 8 as well as disc harrow Pallada 2400. techagro_2010

- "The exhibition amazes with its scale. There are a lot of deserved competitors here but it is necessary to note that the products of "Chervona zirka" have substantial advantages versus the other analogs; in reliability the product of "Chervona zirka" is not worse than the world producers while the price for Kirovograd agricultural machines considerably lower than the price of leading world brands. Just because Kirovograd agricultural machines techagro_2010stand all chances to be in demand in EU market", - executive director JSC Sales company "Chervona zirka" Vladimir Lukijanchuk comments. techagro_2010

The visitors of "TECHAGRO" also corroborates director’s comment. At the agricultural exhibition the specialists of JSC Sales company "Chervona zirka" have advised more than 2000 farmers and specialists of agricultural sector. All of them has shown keen interest to Kirovograd product.

techagro_2010The visitors have got considerably interested in tilled-line of the machines. Pneumatic planter Vesta 8 presented at the exhibition has been realized to the customer immediately.techagro_2010

Successful certification of disc harrow Pallada 2400 carried out by Prague machine test organization is a symbolic event for representatives of JSC "Chervona zirka". Presence of certificate allows customers to be sure that the tested machines meet all European quality standards. European quality certificate has been presented to representatives of Kirovograd enterprise by head of department of Prague machine test organization Mr Pernis.techagro_2010

techagro_2010In near-term outlook it is planned to certificate the machines for entering to the Western Europe market. - Until spring 2010, - Vladimir Lukiyanchuk assure, - appropriate EU quality certificates will be issued for the disc harrows of types Antares and Pallada, grain machine group of type Astra and precision planters of types Vesta and Vega.

At the present time the specialists of "Chervona zirka" actively prepare Kirovograd agricultural machines to the next exhibitions in EU countries.

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