The presence of “Chervona zirka” on a Field Day in urban village Doslidnitske + V I D Е О

den_polya_2010den_polya_2010On July, 22-23 on the territory of Ukrainian research institute of a forecasting and testing of machines and technologies for agriculture in urban village Doslidnitske of Vasilkovsky urban district of Kiev region, VII International exhibition of the machines, technologies and the seeds – Field Day 2010 took place.

Fifty producers, 35 dealers and 12 research organizations took part at the exhibition. In total, about 200 models of the best agricultural machines of domestic and foreign production were presented.

den_polya_2010den_polya_2010"Chervona zirka" presented 5 units of modern agricultural machines, including universal pneumatic planters Vesta 8, Vega 8, disc harrows Pallada 2400 and Antares 4х4 as well as Air Drill Sirius 10 equipped with pneumatic bunker of model 9000, working in minimum and No-till technologies.

den_polya_2010den_polya_2010The main attraction of the exhibition was demonstrations of the machines. Agrotechnical "test-drive" was passed by three units of agricultural machines produced by "Chervona zirka": 2-row disc harrow Pallada 2400, 4-row disc harrow Antares 4х4 as well as multifunctional Air Drill Sirius 10 which has attracted an interest among the agrarians. The fuel costs of sowing of 1 hectare by Air Drill Sirius 10 are only 7.8 liters, but productivity is 6 minutes/hectare. Thus considerable capital saving as well as rapid recoupment of the machinery is very important over a period of drought 2010, - agrarians agree.

den_polya_2010den_polya_2010This year, in accordance with tradition, the specialized actions waited for all participants and the guests of exhibition: "round work tables", conferences and the seminars with taking part of leading scientific workers and specialists of agro-industrial production.

For active participation at International exhibition of the machines, technologies and the seeds – Field Day 2010 the representatives of "Chervona Zirka" were awarded with honorable Diploma.

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