The products of “Chervona zirka” was presented at “Siberian Field Day”

День Сибірського поля 2011Inter-regional agro-industrial forum “Siberian Field Day”, which passed on exhibition platform with 5 ha at the township Protskoy near to Barnaul at the end of July, has consolidated more than 90 companies producing and selling agricultural machinery.

День Сибірського поля 2011Such agro-forum takes place in Altaic region fourth time. It again confirms its status of platform assigned for the agro-business development and exchange of the leading experience in farming. Visitors could see and to purchase agricultural machinery and equipment for agro-industrial complex. But demonstration of machines has given an opportunity to see the machines in practice.

День Сибірського поля 2011Products of “Chervona zirka” was presented by two company-dealers at the same time: “Agro-center-Altay” and “Altayagroteh”.

День Сибірського поля 2011At exhibition platform the customers could see pneumatic planters Vega-8 and Vesta-8. Qualified management of dealers consulted the consumers with design features of machines. In addition, just “Agro-center-Altay” has presented to farmers the unique seeding aggregate consisting of the seeders of Astra family produced by “Chervona zirka” and the cultivators produced by Ltd “Lenkovsky SelMashZavod”. Two seeding aggregates have attracted interest among visitors: aggregate “PK 720 MD “Practik” consisting of two seeders Astra SZP 3,6B with extended tanks and cultivator KD 720 M and aggregate PK 570 MD “Fermer” consisting of seeder Astra SZ 5,4-06 and cultivator KD 570 M.День Сибірського поля 2011

Company “Altayagroteh” presented to the gests the planter Vesta 8, seeder Astra SZP-3,6B with extended tank and also 4-row modular disk harrow Antares 6х4 С. In addition within the scope of demonstration of machines the specialists of company-dealer have shown customers the planter Vega 8 assigned for the work in traditional and minimumДень Сибірського поля 2011 agro-technologies.

This “Siberian Field Day” was especial event because besides the usual demonstrating the customers could see the machines in practice and estimate it. It is very important when the machinery is being chosen by potential consumers.

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