AgromashExpo 2012: one more market and one more official dealer

AGROMASHEXPO-2012 AGROMASHEXPO-2012From 25th till 28th of January the large-scale exhibition of agricultural machinery AgromashExpo 2012 took place in Hungary (Budapest). For the first time "Chervona zirka" participated there. The machines of "Chervona zirka" have been presented by company ODISYS, one of major operator of agricultural machinery in Hungary.

This year there were more than 200 exhibitors from different countries around the world, about 25 000 visitors came to exhibition (record!).

AGROMASHEXPO-2012 AGROMASHEXPO-2012Four units of machines were presented at the stand of company-dealer: planters Vega-6 and Vesta-6, seed drill Astra SZT-3,6A and 4-row disc harrow Antares 4x4. The machines has attracted big interest for the visitors because in spite of "Chervona zirka" is deserved competitor in performance among the Western brands, the machines of "Chervona zirka" have much attractive price which is very important factor for each farmer.

AGROMASHEXPO-2012Dealer network of OJSC "Chervna zirka" is continuing to expand on the territory of European Union. As a result the specialists of Trading House "Chervona zirka" awarded to the Zoltan Hernek, director of company ODISYS, the certificate of official dealer on the territory of Hungary.


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