“Chervona zirka” has registered a solid growth in І quarter of 2012

Пресс-конференция 21.05.2012 Пресс-конференция 21.05.2012 “In the issue of the first quarter of 2012 the leading Ukrainian manufacturer of seeding and tillage machinery “Chervona zirka” has demonstrated a positive growth of basic indexes” – the Chairman of supervisory board of JSC “Elvorty Group” Pavel Shtutman and general director OJSC “Chervona zirka” Sergey Kalapa have informed at the conference devoted to the results of activity of an enterprise for the reporting period.

The sales for the period January-March of current year has constituted 124,6 million hryvni which is almost in one and a half time more than last year result. Production volume has been increased by 35%.

According to Pavel Shtutman the increasing of sales took place as in traditional markets such as Ukraine and Russia as in far abroad countries. Totally in the end of the first quarter of 2012 the export share has constituted 56,4%.

Пресс-конференция 21.05.2012 Пресс-конференция 21.05.2012 The number of employees as of the end of the first quarter of 2012 has constituted 1649 people (by 8,6% more than in correspondent period of 2011), the average pay is 3240 hryvni (by 18,1% more).

In addition, investments for the technical retrofit have been grown. So for the period of three months of 2012 volume of investment accounted 15,9 million hryvni which is almost three times as many comparing with the same period of last year.  Because according to investment project of current year it is planning complete shift of cutting equipment, continuation as regards heat and energy saving and, most importantly, putting into operation one more powder painting line.

Пресс-конференция 21.05.2012 Пресс-конференция 21.05.2012 General director OJSC “Chervona zirka” Sergey Kalapa acquainted the journalists with the plans of a company about modernization of existing machines and product introduction of new machines.

Besides, the question about establishing of machine building cluster in Kirovograd region was raised at the conference.

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