Ministerial conference dedicated agricultural machinery building was held at the factory “Chervona zirka”

УкрАгроМаш 28.05.2012 УкрАгроМаш 28.05.2012 In May 28th the largest-scale conference has taken place at “Chervona zirka”. In the scope of conference of Ministry of Agricultural and Food Policy more than 50 leaders and specialists of agricultural machinery manufacturers, government and scientific institutions have got together in Kirovograd for the purpose to discuss actual problems of domestic agro-machinery building.

УкрАгроМаш 28.05.2012 УкрАгроМаш 28.05.2012Before the meeting there were excursion to the factories “Chervona zirka” and “Hydrosila”, the leaders of their industrial sectors. After excursion the discussion of the questions was started.

The problems which have been raised at the meeting are not new. There were such questions as tax legislation, state customs policy, participation in state core exhibitions, supporting of domestic manufacturers at the state level.

УкрАгроМаш 28.05.2012 УкрАгроМаш 28.05.2012During the meeting the representative of Ministry Agricultural and Food Policy Pavel Grynko has noted that, for example, import duty imposition for farming machinery is currently under Ministry control. At the same time the resolution about duty free import of complete units which are not being produced in Ukraine is on the last leg. According to representative of Ministry such steps must help our factories to become more competitive.

УкрАгроМаш 28.05.2012 УкрАгроМаш 28.05.2012Constructive dialog between manufacturers and authorities is taking place, - the head of association “Ukragromash” Pavel Shtutman has noted at the conference opening.  “Lately I have got an impression that government understands and helps us. In our turn we are ready to solve the tasks assigned to us by government” – he said.

УкрАгроМаш 28.05.2012 УкрАгроМаш 28.05.2012During the meeting a few decisions have been made: three new members have been accepted to the Assosiation “Ukragromash”: “Lozovaya Forge Mechanical Plant”, Ugny Machine Building Plant” and LTd “Techagro”.  Sergey Serebryakov (director of OJSC “Kharkov Tractor Plant” and Oleksander Olyinyk (Chief of Board LTd “Cherson Machine Building Plant”) have been also elected to the Association.

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