"Chervona Zirka" presented the technique on the Day of a Field in Doslidnitskyu village.

1st International agricultural technology, technique and seeds exhibition-fair was held in Kiev oblast, village of Doslidnitskoe on 3-4 of August. The exhibition took place under the aegis of Ukrainian Ministry of Agricultural Policy on the basis of Ukrainian scientific research institute of technique prognostication and testing and also technologies for agricultural manufacture named after L. Pogorelogo.

During two exhibition days agro-forum visitors had an opportunity not only to take part in thematic seminars, devoted to seed growth technologies, but also to get acquainted with the technique, which Ukrainian scientific research institute of technique prognostication and testing named after L. Pogorelogo proposed to use.

Fifteen companies-manufacturers of agricultural technique took part in agro-forum. "Chervona Zirka" plant presented four units of technique using mini-till technology, among them were the novelties – Vega-8 planter for row crops, disc harrows Antares and Pallada. Due to disc harrows presowing soil tillage quality, well-known to agrarians SZT-5, 4 planter showed excellent results in the process of control seeding.

Unlike the Day of a Field, that recently has been taking place in the outskirts of Dnepropetrovsk, the organizers concentrated upon the direct seeding technology. Here, special attention was focused on mini-till technologies.

While speaking about technologies, from the agrarians’ view point, direct seeding technology in Ukraine has absolutely great future. However, technology practical introduction needs, at least, 1-2 years of soil preparation and also a great amount of additional technique. In this case, mini-till technology is being viewed as transitional from traditional and arable.

Moreover, through the peculiarities of separate soil areas where appropriateness of direct seeding technology is questionable, it is considered as principal one. Nowadays, it is widely-used technology in Ukraine, which lets really diminish costs of seeds production.

Adherents of one or the other technology, as much as possible, can dispute about its advantages, upholding their view point by academic calculation. So, the right of choice in the long run is up to the farmer who knows soil properties of his arable land much better than others.

What one should always remember is – technologies must not damage the ground.

We are trying to follow this. Not without reason, on the "Chervona Zirka" logo, one can always read the slogan – "Agrotechnologies in harmony with nature".

"Chervona Zirka" is ready to propose agrarians the full model type of seeding and cultivating technique using every agrotechnology in any soil area of Ukraine, ensuring the highest quality of manufactured production.


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