Great machine builders holiday.

More than 20.000 kirovohradians and town guests visited the holiday, devoted to the machine builder’s day that was held on September 27 in Dendropark. Kirovohrad enterprises "Chervona Zirka" and "Hydrosila" were promoters of the festive show for children.

A Sunday morning in Dendropark resembled a big youth camp. Mothers with baby carriages, families with children of various ages – everyone got to know ‘bout the holiday from the posters, friends or Internet pages. Although, the official opening of the event was planned to be starting at 11 o’clock, already at 10 a.m. there had already been lots of visitors, coming up to promoters in blue and red T-shirts, asking what further on would be. Particular interest of "early goers" aroused "Chervona Zirka" agricultural machines exhibition, which had been mounted up before the sunrise. Fine red-colored aggregates pleased the eyes of the smallest visitors of the festive show. Even some of the latest, took some tries to climb over the fence to make the photos against the exhibits’ background. But the organizers did work well, not affording young visitors to run the risk to be wounded by the seeders’ operating elements.

"Hydrosila" tent was also widely visited. Industry laser source and modern turning metal-working center gave rise to curiosity on the part of technically "smart" public. People even managed to queue, where were made memorable souvenirs – unique medallions with the name or surname of the customers. More than half a thousand of such gifts was made.

The majority of people, who entered the park from the side of Geroev Stalingrada str., was coming up to the tent with an improvised motion picture and concern themselves with repertoire. During the festive, people always peeped into the tent to watch creation and early history movies of "Hydrosila" and "Chervona Zirka", shared their impression and their reminiscences. The organizers presented a declining years man with a disk, containing all the movies demonstrated during the festival. "I will show them to my grandchildren – said the man while leaving, - for them at least to see the enterprise on screen, where I had been working for almost two decades".

Kasha, pancakes and tea did please the visitors that many of them queued twice and even thrice to enjoy delicious food. "Such a savory kasha one cannot cook at home, - says a young woman who had come with a husband and their three children. – The husband with sons lines in a queue for attractions and I need to take some more pancakes". By the way, everyone who was queuing for kasha and pancakes did notice service quickness of machine-building enterprises’ workers who even wore the aprons.

The show, which was on the scene and around it, emotionalized the children. Children with great pleasure watched the small artists’ performances of choreographic collective "Rucheek" DK Oktiabra, judoists and taekwondoists of "Zirochka" as well. With great enthusiasm were greeted interactive contests on knowledge of instruments, together with "Smekalkina place", where the children could display creativity and an ability to work with operating tools.

Everyone who visited the show: organizers and guests stated a high security level during the event processing. Despite a free entrance, no one could see an inadequate or a drunkard so far. Everything is thanks to the work of both "Hydrosila", "Chervona Zirka" and Dendropark security services.

The festival was a success – absolutely, did confirm the fact many of the young guests and their parents. Owing to machine builders, lots of children from indigent families could seemingly for the first time in their lives visit children’s attractions of Dendropark. Smiles, childish noise that somehow was louder than powerful sound technique and also gratitude from the parents’ side whose children were glad to come – the best award for everyone of us, for organizers of the holiday, which perhaps would become a traditional one for kirovohradians, young and not very...


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