"Chervona zirka" supports young students of local history

school_museumFactory veterans’ council of "Chervona zirka" jointly with a director of "Chervona zirka" Sergey Kalapa and a chief of labor union committee Vladimir Motorniy have visited Kirovograd secondary school №22.

school_museumThis school is unique with two museums located on its territory, - director of school museum Victor Prisyagnuk notes. - One of two museums is devoted to history of creation of this school, another one includes thousands of documents concerning Kirovograd school_museumliberation from German-fascist aggressors". Victor adds that collecting of historical information concerning liberating of native town was being made by pupils themselves.

school_museumThe history of museum creation has been begun since 1985 when the pupils have written letters to all regional and local newspapers with the hope to get a response from the people who participated in Kirovograd liberating. Since then pupil researches are still in school_museuma progress. Every year the information content of museum catalogs is expanded. By the way an excursion of museum is made by the pupils.

Certainly direction of "Chervona zirka" factory could not be remained indifferent about such an attitude to history of native town because this enterprise with 135 year school_museumhistory also has a museum. A large book collection and 40 school suits were presented to young researchers. Presented mini-library includes more than 1000 books basically consisting of works school_museumof Ukrainian, Russian and foreign classical authors.

"Earlier this book collection belonged to the library of "Octyabr" club which was attached to the factory, - general director of "Chervona Zirka" Sergey Kalapa says. – We hope this book selection will become an integral part of student educational process".school_museum

Communication of students with the direction of the factory will not be restricted by the meeting, the director of enterprise assures. The pupils have joyfully responded to the offer to school_museumvisit as a factory`s museum as an enterprise. In their turn the representatives of factory veterans’ council have agreed to supplement school museum exposition with their reminiscences about life of the town during the occupation period.school_museum

Factory workers are sure that very soon active museum attached to the school №22 will become the pride of the town because it contains the unique information about history of native region and about liberating of Kirovograd from fascist aggressors.


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