“Chervona zirka” became a participant of one of Ukrainian large-scale exhibition “Agro 2010” + V I D Е О

From June 15th till 19th, 2010 XXII International agro-industrial exhibition "Agro-2010" took place in KIEV. The exposition was located on the territory of National complex "Expocentre of Ukraine". It is considered that "Agro 2010" is the largest and prestigious national event in Ukrainian agro-industrial field. The exhibition was opened by Victor Yanukovich, the president of Ukraine.

agro_2010agro_2010The novelties in machine building sphere, plant growing, livestock sector and another sphere of agriculture were presented by more than 2500 enterprises, 200 from them are foreign company.

JSC "Chervona zirka" has traditionally presented to the visitors of exhibition the family of sowing and tillage machines including Air Drill Sirius 10 with pneumatic bunker 7000, pneumatic seeder Solitair, which is the product of joint production with Germany company Lemken, disc harrows of lines Antares and Pallada, modernized planters Vega 8, Vesta 8, grain-fertilizer roller-seeder Astra SZP 3,6B.

agro_2010agro_2010President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich has visited the exposition stand of "Chervona zirka". The total number of visitors who visited exposition of Kirovograd enterprise is more than 2000.

Technically modernized tilled and grain machine group of "Chervona zirka" production has evoked the genuine interest from farmers. The agrarians drew attention to Air Drill Sirius 10 intended for sowing by using No-till and Minimum agricultural technology of growing as well. During the exhibition the representatives of "Chervona zirka" agro_2010agro_2010have granted the applications for the purchase of products produced by "Chervona zirka". It is necessary to mark that the machines of "Chervona zirka" have always been in demand among the agrarians. It is because of the next reasons: modern agricultural aggregates help the agrarians to reduce the costs for growing crops, a balanced price for the products leads to the recoupment in short term which is necessary in period of financial instability.

Officials of JSC "Chervona zirka" have been awarded the honorable diplomas agro_2010agro_2010 for the conscientious work and the personal contribution in establishment of domestic farming, revival of century agrarian traditions of Ukrainian nations and active participation at the exhibition.

The products of JSC "Chervona zirka" have got a certificate of conformity of safety operation norms EU. It is necessary to remind that analogous certificate has been got already for disk harrow Pallada 2400 at the international agricultural exhibition "TECHAGRO 2010" in Brno agro_2010agro_2010(Czech Republic). After three months being at Kiev exhibition the long-awaited certificates have been given for the disc harrows of line Antares and Pallada as well as for planters Vega and Vesta.

Received certificates of European standard, - executive director of JSC "Sales Company Chervona zirka" Vladimir Lukiyanchuk says, - will allow to enter the Western Europe market with the products of "Chervona zirka"

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