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The mission of the enterprise is the production of sowing, tillage machinery and equipment for the protection of plants of a high technical level on the basis of new technologies in order to maximally meet the needs of consumers, ensuring the harmonious development of the Joint Stock Company in the interests of staff, shareholders and the region.

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History – from the first horse drawn seeder up to multi-purpose machines

The factory “Chervona Zirka” is one of the oldest manufacturers of agricultural equipment in Europe. It was established by British brothers Robert and Thomas Elvorti in Kirovohrad in 1874.

In 1877 the first production department was built for manufacturing of seeders and other equipment. The factory was building up fast. By the end of the XIX century the Elvorti factory (it was its name before 1922), it was the first and the only specialized manufacturer not only in the Russian Empire but also in all Europe. In the pre-revolutionary Russia the factory alongside with seeders produced threshers, oil-presses, millet-scourers and other agricultural equipment. The factory extended intensively and collected power. By the end of 1917 more than 7,000 people worked at the factory. The Elvorti factory was nationalized in April of 1919. By 1925 the factory produced as 2,5 times as more seeders than in 1913.

In 1927-28 the factory started exporting the seeders in the countries of the Near East.

In 1929 the first in the USSR tractor pulled grain seed drill T-1 was produced which got “Big Gold Medal” at the international agricultural exhibition in Libava and in 1937 it got the most prestigious award of the exhibition "Grand-Prix".

During the Second World War the factory was evacuated to the Penza aria, now it’s the factory “Belinskselmash” located in the town of Kamenka, Russia. Now this is the second-largest specialized enterprise in the CIS. Also it is a part of “Hydrocomplekt” Corporation (Ukraine).

On January the 8th, 1944 when Kirovohrad was freed from the German Army the enterprise started to be rebuilt. At the reconstruction worked mostly women, teenagers, all citizens. There were destroyed for about 84% of all productive areas, nevertheless by the end of 1944 the factory had produced 262 seed drills. By the end of 1945 there had been produced 1500 seed drills and lots of ammunition. By1950 the factory was reconstructed (except for one destroyed shop). During that period the staff of the plant worked hardly to improve the construction of seed drills, their technological level and developed 45 new types of seeding machines. The productivity was annually rising and in 1955 the factory released 78 428 seeding machines.

In 1962 the factory produced and delivered to the village 64 746 drills for corn – this is as 5,5 times as more than in 1959.

In 1965 in connection with sharp change of relation of the country leaders to grain manufacture, the factory has let out 55 680 grain seeders and has stopped the release of corn seeders. All this demanded considerable reorganization of manufacture, big expenses, but at the same time the factory personnel provided agriculture workers with sowing techniques in due time.

In 1966 the factory produced 108 877 seeding machines. On july 25th in 1966 the enterprise ”Chervona Zirka” conferred the decoration of Labor Red Banner for the accomplishment of the planned task, development of new constructions and production of new type of seed drills. At the end of the 60-70th the factory was expanding. There were built and put in operation new shops that gave an opportunity to create powers on production of new grain drills like SZ-3,6.

In 80-th years the factory produced about 90,000 modern seed drills a year.

In the former USSR the factory “Chervona Zirka” provided issue: grain seeders –more than 50%, seeders for tilled crops – 100%, and seeders for corn and vegetables - 100%.

After the war period in July 1961 the one millionth drill left the conveyer, in September 1971 the two millionth and in july 1983 the three millionth seeder.

In 1991-98 there were worked out the models of 12 new high productive seeding machines and other agricultural techniques.

In 1993 industrial association “Chervona Zirka” was transformed into the Open Joint Stock Company on manufacturing of agricultural equipment, sounds in native language as “Chervona Zirka” in English translation - “Red star”. This event became a new stage in history of the trademark.

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